With a current population of around 17,000, Gorham is the 14th largest municipality in Maine. The town has experienced significant growth and development over the last two decades. After a period of flat growth related to a downturn in the economy, housing starts and business development are approaching pre-recession levels.

Gorham is one of just a handful of Maine municipalities predicted to see steady growth: the population will approach 20,000 by 2030.

Based on 2010 census unless otherwise noted


State of Maine : 1,328,361
Town of Gorham :(2015) 17,024


Gorham Housing Status (in units):

Total 5,972
Occupied 5,719
Owner Occupied 4,638
Average Sales Price $277,5261.00  (May 2017)



Avg. Median Annual  Income : $75,060


Labor Force :

As of May 2017  
Labor Force 10,299
Employed 10,045
Unemployed 254
Unemployment Rate 2.7%
Tax Rate (2015/2016) $17.00/Thousand